Extract HTML + CSS

PageRip snips code on any web page with an element selector, or rip full web pages to single file HTML and JSX. Preview and copy code ready to paste in your code editor. All completely free.

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Made by: The developers at Develast.com


What you get with PageRip

Create components from websites

Use an element picker to get a single element, or extract the full page to HTML source code.

Exports to CSS classes

We like inline styles, but sometimes you need to use CSS classes. We got you covered.

Does a hard thing

We traverse the dom and extract the styles, so you don't have to spend time digging through computed styles or stylesheets.

Export to single file HTML

PageRip can generate HTML with inline styles, so you can easily copy and paste the code into your project.

Exports to JSX

Automatically convert the HTML source code to JSX with inline styles.

Works offline

Why do you need a tool used for online websites to be offline? We don't know, but we made it anyway.


PageRip is exclusively a chrome extension. Download from the Chrome web store.